Friday, January 23, 2009

About A Wish...

I've spent some time the last couple days reading through some of the published Wishes on the Making Memories website, familiarizing myself with some of the wonderful and awesome things BABC has inspired, funded and supported in past years.

For many people, a Cause or Issue isn't real until they can see it with their own eyes. Joining a Cause on Facebook is one thing- actually living a life of awareness, and truly understanding how you can help a person in need is another. Seeing for yourself how much your donations (whether it be time, effort or funding) lift another person, fill their lives with joy or enrich their last days on earth won't just gratify you- it may inspire the same lifting and fulfilment in yourself. Both Hope and Satisfaction lie in the Human Spirit and by helping one another, we evolve, carry on and succeed in our life's mission.

I'm posting a Granted Wish here now- hopefully it will serve as your daily reminder to spread kindness- and will continue to enlighten you with similar entries that will drive home the message and the proof that what we're doing, what you're doing and what everyone could be doing- does make a difference. The World goes round...

When BJ Oropeza contacted the Making Memories
Foundation asking for help in “surprising” his
wife, little did he know “what a difference” that
could make to Cathie. Exhausted from treatments
and caring for their two sons, ages 6 and 6
months, Cathie needed some “time in the sun.”
That time was found in Orlando, FL, at the Magic
Kingdom with her family. “Seven, magical, wonderful,
carefree days.”
“It was just so much fun,” she said upon her return.
“It was like a fairytale and I was the princess.
We could never have done this on our own -
not now, not with all our medical expenses. How
can I thank you? My son will never forget this
and my baby will have our pictures to look back
“I wish I could tell everyone what this trip meant
to us. Maybe if they only knew, they would help
another family in our situation. God Bless each
of you who participated in granting my wish.”

Cathie Oropeza’s wish comes true.

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