Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome: An Introduction

Welcome Everyone- to the
Brides Against Breast Cancer, Orlando Blog!

hosted by Cherise Phillips, PBC with the Association of Bridal Consultants.

As an association, we are committed to Brides Against Breast Cancer and the Making Memories Foundation. Local members of ABC collaborate each year to bring life and hope to some amazing events centered around the BABC desire to Grant Wishes to Breast Cancer patients, to enrich their lives.

As members, we volunteer ourselves to work the BABC booths at local bridal shows- informing guests of the foundation's position, upcoming events, when/where to attend the National Tour of Gowns show and even how to donate a gown after their own wedding is complete. Our heartfelt efforts aim to benefit blushing Brides seeking the dress they are to be Wed in, as well as Breast Cancer patients across the nation- many arranging and hoping for their final Wishes.

This year, our committee has agreed upon hosting a Gown Drive to collect donated dresses for the National Tour of Gowns. Every year, a rather large truck arrives in Orlando (one of many stops across our country) to unload a lavish and exquisite collection of wedding gowns for the annual Gown show/sale- coordinated and planned by ABC members. We in turn re-load the truck with new donations in need of preparation for their own big sale sometime in the future.

Now that you've got an idea of what Association members do for Brides Against Breast Cancer here in Orlando, why not check out some cool things you can do too!

1.) Get familiar with BABC and the Making Memories Foundation. These websites have so much to offer your charitable heart.
2.) Getting married? Need a dress? Consider attending the National Tour of Gowns sale in March 2009 at the UCF Alumni Center. You'll be pleasantly surrounded by donated gowns from past-brides, Designers and Bridal Salons- most brand new! Once you've found your Gown, the proceeds from the sale go directly to the Making Memories Foundation to Grant Wishes to terminally ill Breast Cancer patients. You can make a difference with your wedding, it's that easy!
3.) Married already? Not sure what to do with your Gown? Donate it, of course! Your gracious donation will Grant Wishes. For Brides-to-be, for Breast Cancer Patients, for Yourself. Donations are Tax Deductible. Claim the original value of your gown as a charity donation on your next tax return. A Win-Win-Win situation!
4.) Interested in helping the cause? We'll need plenty of assistance announcing the Gown Drive soon, so stay tuned for more ways you can join us in the fight against Breast Cancer!

Happiness and Success Always,

Cherise Phillips, PBC

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