Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WPCF Bridal Show Pictures

(Here's an overview of the BABC booth just before the doors were opened for the Brides! Lynn, Kerline and Melissa designed and composed this lovely booth display!)

My first time volunteering as a Gown Model for BABC! I found this to be a really fun and glamorous way to dedicate myself to the cause :) We received a great response to a few of the dresses in particular and hope to have them sold soon! All gowns shown (if still available) will be up for purchase at our Gown Sale in March, so if you like what you see- don't miss out on the show!
Here are some snapshots of our Sunday appearance at the Royal Plaza in Lake Buena Vista on Sunday, January 26th for the WPCF Bridal Expo.

The BABC booth- all set up and ready for the Brides!

Kerline (Joie de Vie) and Anna (Annie Muniz and Associates)

Round 1 of the modeling begins! (Jennifer, Cherise and Lindsay)

Ready to hand out postcards with the BABC Gown Sale info! (Cherise and Lindsay)


And "Here Come the Brides..." (Melissa, Jennifer and Rosie)

Of course we managed a Round 2! (Rosie, Lindsay, Cherise and Jennifer)

Big Smiles for a Job Well Done! (Melissa and Rosie)

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